SEE IT: Jenny Taft stands up to Skip Bayless, instantly becomes hero to millions

Undisputed got heated earlier today.Jenny Taft and Skip Bayless got into a verbal spat when Taft called Bayless out for criticizing Mike McCarthy's appearance as Dallas Cowboys head coach.AdvertisementShannon Sharpe was able to help them get back on track after they got into a heated argument on air.As you can see, the interaction generated a lot of social media responses. Many applauded Taft's courage to speak out against Bayless on a show that pays him $8 million per annum. Because of the persistent misogyny in the sports world, it is often difficult for women to be considered credible.For many, Taft's moment of speaking her mind was more than a disagreement over McCarthy. It was a woman refusing to be silenced in a male-dominated field. Many people dislike Skip Bayless for being Skip Bayless and doing Skip Bayless things. The cherry on top was seeing him on national television.AdvertisementUnfortunately, women's opinions in sports have been suppressed for too long, both on-camera and behind-the scenes. Women who do make it onto major-time sports shows often do so in the context of soliciting the opinions of men and denying them the space to offer theirs.AdvertisementJemele Hill took to Twitter to share that Bayless had done this to her before. She was probably referring to Cari Champion, who was a host on ESPN's First Take back when Bayless was working with Stephen A. Smith.Champion would share her sentiments in the tweet.AdvertisementShoutouts to Taft, who claimed her space and did something that was needed to put a man in his spot.