Astonishing Photo Reveals Fish Stuck Inside Translucent Jellyfish

Amazing photos show that a dead jellyfish washed up on a UK beach recently.The jelly is a Chrysaora Hysoscella (compass jellyfish), and its V-shaped, brown markings look similar to lines on a compasse. The juvenile fish within is still unknown.According to The Daily Mail, Ian Watkin, a local photographer, saw the strange blob while walking his dog near Padstow in Cornwall. He said, "It's something you don't see every day."Similar: 13 strange things washed up on beachesIt has been reported that juvenile fish seek refuge within the tentacles jellyfish.According to Cornwall Wildlife Trust, this fish became a predator because the protector was turned into a predator. Experts believe the jelly stung the fish to death and it would have been slowly digested by its rudimentary stomach (known as a coelenteron) if it hadn't washed ashore.(Ian Watkins/Triangle News)Cornwall Wildlife Trust stated in a Facebook post that jellyfish can be used as nurseries by juvenile fish because they hide within their tentacles to protect predators."Unfortunately, this one appears to have been stung. It became lunch for the compasse."The average size of a Compass jellyfish is around 12 inches (30 cm) and they are often found in British waters from May to October. According to the Cornwall Wildlife Trust, their sting is not fatal and can cause severe pain to small fish and crabs.This one-of-a kind photo was taken during National Marine Week. It was an initiative by Wildlife Trusts, a group of UK conservation groups to highlight the amazing marine life found along the British coast.Similar content:Six strange feeding strategies from the ocean depths