Yahya Abdul-Mateen II on Upcoming Matrix, Furiosa, Aquaman

Candyman is a horror film in which the killer appears when you repeat his name five times. Although he is not a villain in real life, you will see Yahya Abdul Mahateen II in the film's future. The Hollywood Reporter has a new profile that highlights Abdul-Mateen's next projects. It is quite impressive.AdvertisementIn 2019, Watchmen's star shot Candyman, a horror film that will be released later in the month. He then shot Matrix 4, which was his first role before the covid-19 pandemic. It was completed under safety protocols just a few months later. He then made Ambulance, directed by Michael Bay. Jake Gyllenhaal and Abdul-Mateen play criminals who take an ambulance. He is currently reprising the role of Black Mantahis from Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. After that, he will be taking a few months off to work with George Miller on Furiosa, the Mad Max prequel.He also has two projects at Warner Bros. that he hopes to complete in the near future. Dwayne Johnson's company produced the Emergency Contact movie, which is an action film set in Austin's underground music scene. Then there's By All. This dystopian thriller is set in the aftermath a tragic event. It centers on a man forced to run in a world where justice is crowdsourced and is available for purchase. Warners also has plans to franchise it.Unfortunately, he cannot speak about those projects. He does however say that the Aquaman and Lost Kingdom script is better than the original and gives his character more options. The script is much better than the first. He said that it gives actors many good storytelling moments. Aquaman just gave us a brief introduction to Black Manta, and some of his motivations. This one allows me to exercise and breath a bit more. This one has a lot of different colors.He also said he was star struck filming Matrix 4, but that there was something more to it than that due to the circumstances of filming. Lana [Wachowski] was the director and incorporated technology. I have never seen filmmaking equipment like it. He said it was so ambitious. It was very interesting to make The Matrix 4 in a time where the world was so distorted and the reality so warped. If you allow it to, it could sneak in a bit.This is quite intriguing. It seems like Dr. Manhattan will do more than just creep into the lives and films of the next few decades. There will be a lot of Hell. For more information, visit the Hollywood Reporter.Are you curious about where our RSS feed went. The new one can be found here.