MyPillow CEO's Cyber Symposium Is Already a Deranged Circus

Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow has organized a cyber symposium that will last three days and provide incontrovertible proof that Donald Trump was robbed by a corrupt cabal of hackers, politicos, and others.AdvertisementLindell is one of the most prominent rightwing figures among the many rightwing media, business and GOP politicians who have promoted conspiratorial election fraud. Lindell, who apparently has made it his mission to spread the gospel of Trump wherever Trump goes, has been spreading his bizarre event for weeks, even going on CNN where he had a heated debate with Drew Griffin over the validity of his claims.Sioux Falls, S.D. hosted the cyber symposium. The cyber symposium, held in Sioux Falls, S.D., was live-streamed by Frank, a businessman's boggle farce. It is said to contain hard data that will prove (once and for all!) the point. Last November, Joe Biden won the election by manipulating votes.This event attracted a strange mix of people, including some of Trump's most influential supporters. The event was filmed by Steve Bannon, who is alleged to have been the architect of the 2016 presidential campaign. Ron Watkins, a right-wing conspiracy theorist and alleged architect of the 2016 campaign for President Donald Trump, was also photographed around the event. He also video-streamed into it to share his thoughts. Eduardo Bolsonaro was even present, the son and friend of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.Lindell promised to provide world-changing information to force the Supreme Court into restoring Trump as president. However, this information has yet to materialize and he seems to be merely making up things as he goes. On Tuesday, he claimed that the entire event had been hacked. He bragged to the crowd about how the whole technology had been attacked. Later he said, "They blocked it." This is what I will be talking about today. This is the cover up. This is the complete cover-up for the worst historical events.Lindell showed everyone a video that seemed to show the grand narrative of his conspiratorial vision. The video claims that the 2020 election was stolen from the Chinese government, George Soros (?) ), as well as corrupt electioneering vendors such Dominion Voting Systems.Although America's deep state goons may steal an occasional election or just kill a nation's political leaders to replace them with fascist friends, the Trump group claims are just one of many unsubstantiated, over-the-top claims.AdvertisementMore importantly, the ongoing audits and reviews of security professionals who are well-versed in security have consistently debunked many Trump acolytes' claims.The most bizarre part of Lindell's entire symposium stunt is the fact that he offered $5 million to any cybersecurity professionals who could look at his data packets, and prove voter fraud claims are false. It sounds like easy money, right!AdvertisementAlthough a few infosec professionals will be attending, none seem to believe they'll walk away with any cash. Many people came to the event in hopes of hearing Lindell's talk, but instead they have been swept away by a torrent of bullshit. The pillow vendor is mostly playing with the security personnel, rather than providing them with data for analysis.Harri Hursti was an election security expert and attended the conference. He told the Washington Post that it was a big fat no and a distraction. Also, he commented that they had fed us garbage to control the narrative.AdvertisementRobert Graham, another well-known security expert, was present at the event and has been live-tweeting for most of the past days. He commented that Lindell had repeatedly promised to reveal bombshell data that proved malfeasance to them, but only to feed them random garbage which wastes our time.Graham tweeted on Wednesday: Mike Lindell was on stage all day, claiming that the cyber experts were happily working on packet captures. We aren't. We have not received the packet captures promised. This was because some of his PR people came to capture video of packet capture experts. The fact that no one has seen the promised packet captures makes them seem confused.AdvertisementThe conference footage is similar to Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia but not as entertaining or enjoyable to watch. This tweet sums up the experience of attending or just watchingthe conference.AdvertisementThat sounds about right.