Nestflix is a Netflix for fake movies and shows from real movies and shows

Nestflix has made it possible to view lost classics such as Vincent Chases Aquaman and The Rural Juror. These movies were made by Entourage and 30 Rock respectively. However, Nestflix allows you to browse your favorite nested films and TV shows.The basic premise behind designer Lynn Fishers Netflix alternative is what if every fake show or movie featured in a real show or movie lived on a single platform? The result is something that looks a lot like that red-and-black-colored streaming service you might be familiar with, populated with fake TV show and movie listings for projects that never existed.Fisher described the project in a tweet, calling it a "wiki doing some cosplay", which is a gross understatement. Nestflix is extremely detailed. It has a search function that works, cast lists for each project and information about the original show or movie in which they appeared. This is great for shows such as 30 Rock, which essentially existed to create throwaway media like Milf Island and Leap Dave Williams. But even older fakes such as Angels with Filthy Souls of Home Alone also make an appearance.It's fascinating to see how self-referential modern TV and film are (there are many fake sequels), and how deeply ingrained Netflix's content strategy is in culture. It's one thing to show a clip from a fake movie or show in a comedy. But it's quite another to package the footage with stills, art and metadata ready for streaming. While it doesn't make fake movies or shows seem more real, it makes them hilarious all over again.Nestflix is available for you to browse right now. You can also submit any missing movies or shows.