28 of the most breathtaking and isolated stays on Airbnb, ranked by cost per night

Airbnb operates in over 8 million properties worldwide.The platform created a list of the most remote, unusual, and desired accommodations.Check out more stories from Insider's business page.Airbnb currently operates in over 8 million homes across 220 countries.Ten years after its inception, the platform had seen more than 300 million users check into accommodation listings.Airbnb offers many unique and remote accommodations that are highly sought-after, but not necessarily at an exorbitant price.Accommodations for all budgets, from $20 per night up to more than $1,000, are available.These are the most exclusive Airbnb homes. They range in price from the lowest to highest per-night.Editor's Note: Prices per night can vary depending on when reservations are made. Prices correct as of August 2021.