A delivery driver says he left a note for a customer who didn't tip reminding them that he doesn't work 'for free'

Esmond Fountain posted a TikTok clip about leaving a note to a customer who did not tip their DoorDash delivery. @frenchfrythug/TikTokDoorDash driver claimed he left a note for a customer that didn't tip.He wrote that if you don't have the money to tip, you should pick it up yourself."He uploaded a TikTok video about his letter, which sparked a discussion on tipping.For more stories, visit Insider's homepage.In a TikTok video, a DoorDash driver shared his unusual method of encouraging people to tip.On Tuesday, Esmond Fountain (@frenchfrythug) posted a video about a customer who he claimed didn't tip. This video has been viewed over 335,000 times.Fountain claims that he left a note with the customer when he dropped off his order. It said: "If your budget doesn't allow you to tip, then you should pick it up yourself." What kind of person do you think you would be to order food from and have someone bring it to you for free? "FREE OF CHARGE"Fountain said that he worked for the food delivery app since December. Fountain stated in an email that the customer he addressed in the video was a "habitual, no tipper" and that the video was posted to "make a statement.""This behavior is clearly unacceptable and has no place in the DoorDash platform. Insider was informed by a spokesperson from DoorDash that they are investigating the incident and will take appropriate actions.Fountain wrote that he had left a customer. @frenchfrythug/TikTokAccording to his TikTok video Fountain said that he would "right your wrongs down below" and that he could. Fountain then provided a Venmo handle so that the customer could leave him a tip.Fountain's video has sparked a discussion about tipping in comments. Although some people agreed that everyone should tip for food orders, others defended Fountain's video and the no-tip policy.It technically wasn't. One person stated that DoorDash paid them.Continue the story"I never tip. I pay the UberEats or DoorDash service fees, it's enough. "Another person said, "If you don't have enough money, then find a job."Related video: How UPS drivers learn to deliver 21,000,000 packages per daySome wondered why Fountain would accept delivery, since DoorDash drivers receive a tip before accepting or declining any order. DoorDash spokesmen confirmed that drivers are guaranteed a minimum amount of money they will earn before accepting or declining any order.Insider was told by Fountain that he rarely accepted a delivery without a tip. He accepted the order, and left a note to teach everyone.Fountain told Insider that he was also shocked at the response to his video.He said, "I didn’t realize that these many people support not tipping driver,"Fountain isn’t the only food-delivery driver to be criticized for tipping.Smithson Michael shared a video in June of him crying after he claimed he was given $1.19 for a tip on a food delivery that took over an hour.Michael says, "I wish people understood what it was like." "I wish people understood what it was like driving for these services."Insider reported previously that food delivery drivers would like customers to understand that tipping is the way they make most of their money.Fountain stated that this was his ultimate goal with the video.He said that he hoped people would see the "other side" of things and "see what it's like to drive 10 miles to wait in a restaurant to deliver a $2 order with no tip."Insider has the original article.