Abandoned by Trump, Giuliani Is Shilling Dirt Cheap Cameo Videos

Rudy Giuliani is waxwork taken from Madame Tussauds infamous closet of disgraced celebrities and has joined Cameo. This venue is a marked improvement on his previous misinformation outlets, where he struggled to understand his nonsensical conspiracy theories.AdvertisementRudy says he's here to help you with a message about a concern or greeting.He gives a good impression of a normal person. His hair doesn't fall down like a cigar-flavored popsicle. The video quality is good. He is seated in front of a bookcase. He is sat in front of a bookshelf.Dominion Voting Systems has filed a $1.3B defamation suit against him for selling a scheme that largely fuelled the violent insurrection at U.S. Capitol.Giuliani is joining other Trump allies who have hopped on their wagons for Cameo. Don Jr. will book birthday greetings (gigs?) for $500 and lib owners for $500. Kimberly Guilfoyle, a former Fox News reporter and juniors girlfriend, charges $200. Roger Stone used to offer videos for $100 per video, but has now suspended the posts. Former Trump advisor Corey Lewandowski and The Mooch are available for $70 each. Trump allies appear to have taken over the political commentator section on the platform alongside Boris Johnson impersonators.Rudy Giuliani will likely be swilling up and waiting to hear from you if there are any questions or concerns about hacking.