'There'll Be Turnover': Incoming N.Y. Governor Hochul Vows To Deal With Toxic Work Culture Allegations

ToplineOne day after New York Governor. Andrew Cuomo, who was accused of sexual harassment, resigned on Wednesday. Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul promised Wednesday that there would be turnover in the governor's office to improve a toxic work environment, which former Cuomo staffers described as toxic.Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul speaks at a Wednesday press conference at New York State Capitol. Getty ImagesThe Key FactsHochul, who will assume the office of governor in 13 days, told reporters Wednesday that she won't retain any governors office employees whom Attorney General Letitia Jam has reported on sexual harassment and other unethical behavior. Hochul said she was not close to Cuomo, that she had never spent much time with him and his staff in Albany, and she also stated she didn't know about the harassment allegations against him.TangentHochul appeared to also question Cuomos decision not to resign within 14 days, but to vacate the governors office instantly. She stated that this transition period was not what I requested and that she is ready to assume control immediately. However, she anticipates a smooth transfer.Important QuoteHochul stated Wednesday that there will be turnover. I will stand here: No one will ever refer to my administration as toxic.Important BackgroundThe James report, which last week charged Cuomo with sexually harassing 11 women in a series of encounters, set the stage for Cuomo's resignation Tuesday after more than ten years in office. It claims that Cuomo and senior officials tried to discredit Lindsey Boylan by leaking her personnel files and retaliating against her last year. Others Cuomo suspects feared reprisal if they made their complaints public, which was driven, according to the report, by a toxic work culture that staffers described as secretive, toxic and loyal-obsessed.ContraCuomo apologized to women for making them uncomfortable, but he denied that he had inappropriately touched staff members or made unwanted sexual advances. He claimed his behavior was misunderstood. James' report was referred to by Cuomo's attorneys as being utterly biased.What to WatchCuomo's impeachment case is still being investigated by the New York State Assembly. However, its fate is uncertain and law enforcement officials are open to criminal charges against the soon to be-former governor. Hochul declined comment to discuss the possibility of impeachment. If Cuomo was charged with a crime, Hochul said it was far too early to decide whether to pardon him.Continue readingKathy Hochul is the Woman Who Replacing Cuomo as New York's Governor. (Forbes)