30 gifts for the outdoor lover in your life ' including gear for camping, climbing, fishing, and traveling

Insider could earn an affiliate commission if you purchase through our links. Find out more.Footwear, cookware and drinkware are all necessary to support a 21st century human in the great outdoors.We have a list of things that every outdoorsperson needs, but here are some tips to help you shop.You can find more gift ideas in our gift guides.Shopping for outdoor enthusiasts is easy. They will likely need something, whether it's a pair of hiking boots or a set of binoculars.Playing in dirt and water isn't a cheap hobby. Whether you're climbing, fishing, camping, surfing or just hanging out at the beach, certain pieces of gear are essential. Good gear can't be found in every store. There are no shortcuts to make it.Here's a list of gear that we have used and trusted.These are the top 5 gifts for outdoor enthusiasts:These gifts are perfect for outdoor lovers:Hydro Flask has suggested a sponsored product in this gift guide. It also meets our editorial criteria for quality and value. *