Why does the NFL care about taunting?

I will answer John Hoeflings yesterday afternoon question. What is the NFL's obsession with taunting? Because it scares white, old people.AdvertisementThat's all. This is not about sportsmanship or respect. It's about the sense that old codgers have of things, who tut-tut tattoos, piercings, and hairstyles in an attempt to pretend it isn't racist (I doubt they pretend anymore). The crackdown against taunting is a bone thrown at the Abe Simpsons who still set their watches to Johnny Unitas buzz-cut.The NFL cannot do this in all aspects. They will have to cater to the younger generation, who were raised in a culture that trash-talking and acting out is a common occurrence. They say that nothing makes white people feel more uncomfortable or causes white lawyers to loosen their ties. They still believe that a Black family will move in next to them, and watching two players fight is a reminder of their irrational fear.The NFL will play their game and receive nods from the section of the fanbase who threw their canes at TV during Colin Kaepernick's saga. Flags that are thrown to taunt them will be a reassurance that the game is proper and the one they know. They don't realize that not all of their opponents are yelling at them is Matt Barnes or Derek Fisher, or Andre Johnson or Cortland Finnegan. For the most part, these guys hug at each game's end.These fans may also find men hugging uncomfortable. It's strange, considering they just watched spandex-clad men plow through each other for three hours. Let's not get too far into the hypocrisy.