WhatsApp Rolling Out Ability to Transfer Chats Between iOS and Android

Customers who want to switch between Android or iOS have faced a major problem: they can't transfer their WhatsApp conversations between the two platforms. WhatsApp has announced that users will be able to easily transfer their WhatsApp chats between iOS and Android.Engadget first reported that WhatsApp used airtime at Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked event in order to announce the new feature. WhatsApp has been testing the feature over the past weeks, and it stated that it was difficult to implement because of "end-to end encryption," which required additional assistance.This feature will be available on Android smartphones, specifically Samsung smartphones. It allows users to transfer chats from iOS phones to Samsung smartphones. Samsung users should have access to the feature in the "coming weeks" and it will include chat, voice memos, photos, videos, as well as the chat itself. WhatsApp has not yet revealed when the feature will be available on iOS and for a wider range WhatsApp devices.