Construction management platform Remato raises $1.7M Seed from Passion Capital � TechCrunch

Digital platforms are not suitable for small and medium-sized construction companies in Europe and the US. This leaves a $1.6 trillion industry largely untapped. Procore, NYSE: PCOR), is the most prominent platform for large general contractors. However, newer startups are aiming for this SMB market, such as Sitemax and Sitemate, Fieldlens, Fieldwire, Fieldlens, Fieldlens, Fieldwire, Fieldlens, Fieldwire, and Fieldlens. Now, Remato's construction management platform will join them with a $1.7million seed investment round led by Passion Capital in London. Pipedrive founders and team members are joined by venture funds Superangel and Lemonade Stand as well as Spring Capital. Kaamos Group, a long-standing property developer, general contractor, is also part of the financing round. Remato now has $2.5 million in total funding. Remato currently serves customers in the Nordics, Baltics, and South America. Remato was founded in 2018 and allows field contractors to manage their budgets, materials, and equipment through one app. With a mobile-first user interface, Remato claims it is steadily growing at 10-15% MoM and has now 1,700 active users daily. Madis Lehtmets, co-founder and CEO, stated that the construction industry requires simplicity and modern design in order to adopt software. As frontline adoption is dependent on user experience, we believe it should be a higher priority. It allows the historically low-tech sector to become fully digital. Eileen Burbidge is a Partner at Passion Capital. She said that she was very excited to work with Remato. Their success to date shows the importance of digital platforms and user experiences for the huge construction sector which accounts for 10% of the global economy. We are looking forward to supporting the ambitions of the teams in the UK, North America, and across Europe.