Mirthy raises $1.1M pre-Seed funding to build out platform for sprightly Boomers ' TechCrunch

Gen X (41-56) and Baby Boomers (57-75) are entering their twilight years. They are not the same senior citizens as they were in their youth. They lose half of their social circle, which can have a negative effect on their wellbeing. The pandemic also increased loneliness with COVID lockdowns.Mirthys allows people over 60 to host and participate in affordable or free activities online, as well as offline. It aims to be the platform of choice for all 60-year-olds regarding their financial, social and physical needs.It has now raised $1.1M pre Seed funding, led by Ascensions Fair By Design Fund, and with participation from True, Redrice Ventures, and Ada Ventures.Alex Ramamurthy, Dhruv Haaria and Dhruv Haria are co-founders. They were motivated by the detrimental effects of loneliness and social isolation on their parents' mental and social well-being. Ramamurthy is the Chairman of Care Innovation Hub. Haria is a Cambridge Grad, Maths, qualified Actuary and Data Scientist with a background within the Finance and Technology domains.Ramamurthy stated: Dhruv as well as I saw the impact retirement had on our parents. We saw how their wellbeing was affected by the loss of social contact and inactivity, as well as the impact that this had on their health.Mirthy users can access fitness classes, belly dancing workshops, history lectures, and home piano concerts, all delivered by over-60-year-old hosts. Since April 2020, the startup has over 35,000 registered users.The Joy Club and Hello Revel are its competitors. Mirthy claims that the content of this company is created and curated entirely by 60s and 60s. Most other companies offer intergenerational events, and most hosts are passionate about their particular interests.