Elon Musk's Starlink satellite internet service has a new ground station on a tiny island in the Irish sea, and it seems to be operational

The Starlink.sx website indicates that SpaceX Starlink's UK ground station has now gone online.The satellite internet service has expanded its coverage to the UK with the addition of the new station on the Isle of Man.Sources told CNBC that Starlink selected the small island because of its location, spectrum and infrastructure.10 Things in Tech: Keep up-to-date with the latest tech trends and innovations. Loading... Click to sign up for Insider marketing emails. You also agree to receive partner offers.The Starlink.sx website indicates that SpaceX's Starlink satellite base is now operational on a small island in Ireland Sea.Although it's not affiliated with SpaceX, the site tracks where Starlink's satellites are located around the world.Starlink.sx now shows an orange dot representing a new ground station in the Isle of Man that links satellites in orbit with internet data centers on Earth. This suggests it is online.Starlink.sx's blue dots indicate operational Starlink satellites. Two satellites were connected to the Isle of Man's ground station at the time of writing. These lines are represented by orange dotted line.Screenshot from Starlink.sx, the Starlink tracker website. Starlink.sxInsider reached out to SpaceX for comment but they didn't respond immediately.Starlink's third UK ground station is the Isle of Man. The two other stations are in Buckinghamshire, Cornwall and the south of England.Starlink's network can now reach rural areas of northern Britain via three ground stations. It has almost 100,000 users and can be reached by 5G or fiber broadband.The Telegraph reported Starlink's plans for a satellite station to be built on the Isle of Man. This British Crown dependency is first reported by The Telegraph.Two sources within the satellite industry informed CNBC that SpaceX made the decision to establish its satellite base on the Isle of Man based on the island’s location, spectrum and existing satellite infrastructure.CNBC was informed by the Isle of Man government that Starlink had been working with BlueWave, a local communications provider.BlueWave refused to comment to Insider on the plans.CNBC reported that the government had granted licenses to the two companies for a portion of the island's spectrum. Spectrum is the term for airwaves carrying signals needed to connect wirelessly to the internet and mobile phones.BlueWave maintains a satellite station on the east coast of the island, near Douglas, the capital.CNBC spoke with a source from the satellite industry that BlueWave has eight radomes large, bubble-like domes that cover a radar antenna in order to protect it against the weather.According to CNBC, the ground station is able to scan the horizon because it is surrounded by water.CNBC received confirmation from the Isle of Man communications regulator that Starlink/Bluewave had been granted a license to provide services on the island and place associated equipment.