Chris Cuomo advised his brother Gov. Andrew Cuomo to resign, report says

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who was embroiled in a scandal of sexual harassment, announced his intention to resign Tuesday.According to The New York Times, Chris Cuomo, his brother, had suggested that he resign.According to reports, the CNN star anchor has participated in strategy calls with Governor since earlier this year.10 Things in Politics: Get the latest news in politics and economics Loading... Click Sign up to receive marketing emails and other offers from Insider.Chris Cuomo, CNN's anchor, privately advised his brother, the New York Governor. The New York Times reported that Andrew Cuomo had resigned from his position, citing two people who were privy to the conversations.Gov. Cuomo made Tuesday's announcement that he would resign in 14 days. This announcement came one week after the New York Attorney general released a report that showed that Cuomo had sexually harassed 11 women while he was governor.Cuomo was resolute in his defense of the accusations, but he apologized for offending women by what he called "outdated."According to The Times Chris Cuomo had spoken to the governor several times over the past week and stated that he would not be able to survive the scandal. In the wake of the report, top aides to the governor, including Melissa DeRosa the secretary, had resigned.It wasn't clear what prompted Gov. Cuomo's resignation or advice from others was not clear.The Washington Post reported that Chris Cuomo participated in strategy calls with Gov. Cuomo and his aides were unable to be reached for comment, so the anchor apologized to his viewers and colleagues.Last week, the New York Attorney General's Report confirmed that Cuomo was involved. It even accused him of writing a press release for his brother.Brian Stelter (CNN's chief media correspondent) stated earlier this week that network executives had instructed Chris Cuomo to not talk about his brother or participate in any strategy sessions with him. The Times reported Tuesday that CNN didn't prohibit him speaking directly to his brother.Stelter described Cuomo's situation as an "optics issue" for CNN and added: "This whole story looks awkward for CNN."Chris Cuomo will be off air this week for a vacation he describes as a preplanned trip to celebrate his birthday.