The Amiga is the latest game system to get a mini retro remake

Remakes are planned for the Commodores Amiga 500 home computer, which was a very popular gaming system. Retro Games Ltd is developing the A500 Mini, a miniature version of the Commodore 64.The Amiga 500 was the most popular model in the Amiga family. It first appeared in mid-80s. It attracted a loyal following, especially in Europe, as a gaming system. Retro Games Ltd claims that the A500 Mini is based on the Amiga 500. However, it will also replicate the Amiga 1200's more powerful AGA graphics hardware.The following games have been confirmed:Alien Breed 3DAnother WorldATR: All Terrain RacingBattle ChessCadaverKick off 2Pinball DreamsSimon the SorcererSpeedball 2: Brutal DelightThe Chaos EngineThe Directors Cut: WormsZoolThere will be 25 in total. You can also add more with WHDLoad which is an Amiga software installation package. Other functions include the ability switch between 50Hz-60Hz screen refresh rate, save state, and various scaling options.The A500 Mini includes a two-button USB keyboard that makes my hands ache with nostalgia. It also comes with a gamepad that reminds me of the one from CD32, an unsuccessful attempt to turn the Amiga into a traditional gaming console. Although the keyboard is not functional, you can connect your own keyboard via USB.Retro Games Ltd will soon release the A500 Mini. It will cost $139.99 in America and 119.99 in England.