T-Mobile is offering fiber home internet in a limited pilot program

T-Mobile quietly began selling fiber-based home Internet, according to T-Mo Report. This was confirmed by The Verge. T-Mobile claims it is testing fiber optic internet in Manhattan residential buildings as an addition to its fixed wireless service, which it made public in April. T-Mobile isn't installing a new fiber network; it is using existing fiber lines from local providers.T-Mobile Fiber's dedicated site is sparsely detailed, but claims it offers 940Mbps upload- and download speeds. The package includes a Wi-Fi 6 router, chat and email customer support for fiber customers. T-Mobile representatives did not share any other information with us. They only stated that this pilot program was very limited and would provide more information as it became available.T-Mobile has ambitious plans for home Internet. T-Mobile tried to convince regulators that it could buy Sprint in 2019. It argued that it would have the ability to offer wireless home internet at a competitive price with the spectrum acquired. T-Mobile completed the deal and began a pilot program which included 100,000 households when it opened to the public. The company stated that it is on track to reach its goal of 500,000 home Internet customers by the end this year, during a conference call with investors.T-Mobile isn't sure how much fiber plays in its home internet plans. However, it seems to believe that it is worth trying.