Australia Covid live news update: NSW reports 344 cases, two deaths; Dubbo lockdown; Victoria extends Melbourne lockdown

03:31Professor Brett Sutton, Victoria's chief health officer, stated that Victoria is closely following the virus and that the goal is to isolate 100% of all cases during the infectious period within the next week. When asked if a week was enough time to control the current outbreak, he replied that it would. He expressed his hope:You never know what tomorrow will bring. These circumstances are not predictable. We do know what will work. If the symptoms are severe, we recommend that anyone with symptoms get tested. Once we have identified coronavirus cases, we can then control them. They are now quarantined and we can prevent any new exposure.Each new case is the result of a person who has been in quarantine for the entire duration of their infection. This is exactly what happened in South East Queensland, and it is why they are not under lockdown. This is exactly what happened in Victoria's previous outbreaks. We know that the principles will work and need everyone to help us get there.Premier Daniel Andrews stated that people should be prepared for another week. However, he said the restrictions will not last any longer than necessary.Sutton was also asked if easing restrictions in NSW when half of its population is vaccinated makes it nervous, and if this means Victorians won't be able to travel to the state. Although he said that it was not his decision, he indicated that travel rules would be in effect until the end of the year.