Texas Supreme Court allows for arrests of Democrats who fled state to block voting bill

On Tuesday, the Texas Supreme Court temporarily blocked a restraining orders that would have prevented a group de facto Democratic legislators from being arrested. They had fled Texas last month in order to stop a GOP attempt to pass restrictive voting laws.Why it matters: This court's decision upholds a previous ruling by a state district judge that prohibited the arrests of lawmakers. According to the Texas Tribune, those who have returned home to Texas may be held and forcefully returned to the Capitol to reestablish the quorum.Axios Markets keeps you up-to-date on the most recent market trends and economic insights. Register now for a free subscriptionAfter a petition from Gov. Greg Abbott (R), and House Speaker Dade Pelan (R).They are saying this: "The Supreme Court of Texas quickly rejected this dangerous attempt of Texas Democrats to undermine the Constitution and avoid doing their job which they were elected to do," Renae Eze, a spokesperson, said in a statement to the Tribune.It is not surprising that Republican Governor Greg Abbott, House Speaker Dade Pelan want to imprison their political opponents. "... We will defend freedom of vote, and look forward to our temporary hearing on August 20th," stated state representatives Trey Martinez Fischer, Gina Hinojosa, and Jasmine Crockett, in a joint statement following the Supreme Court ruling.Next: The court will hear from the Democrats on Thursday at 4pm.You liked this article? Subscribe to Axios Markets to get more information and receive a free copy of this article.