Unity to acquire Parsec in its biggest acquisition to date ' TechCrunch

Unity, the company behind the popular 2D/3D engine, has announced today its plans for the largest acquisition. Unity will purchase Parsec, a remote desktop software for creatives and developers, for $320 Million in cash.Parsecs pitch has been remote desktop access for years without compromise. It is tuned for creatives and works well with multiple high-resolution displays. It will stream your work-in progress artwork without affecting the colors.Parsec was founded in 2016 and initially focused on gamers streaming games from their powerful PCs to smaller devices. Parsec's low latency, high resolution display support, and compatibility with many input devices make it a great tool for game developers. Parsec was discovered by many creative professionals who used it to beam into their workstations. The company began developing plans and features for them. Parsec saw increased usage as more people left their offices due to the pandemic.Unity Senior Vice President Marc Whitten said that creators need to be able work from anywhere. He spoke to me earlier this week. They will work in dispersed groups or in hybrid environments where they may be at home and in the office.He said that this will mean that creators need to be able to access the power they need on any glass they have, no matter where they may be. Parsec is an excellent example of a company who has recently innovated in this space.Whitten also mentioned that this was the beginning of a deeper push for Unity cloud: "I think youe gonna see Parsec as a great foundational piece for a broad type of cloud ambition that our company has," he said. You'll see more of us in this particular regard.Crunchbase reports that Parsecs total funding prior to the acquisition was $33 Million. Parsecs' most recent funding was a $25 Million Series B led last December by Andreessen Horowitz.Whitten told me that he doesnt foresee any changes for existing Parsec users, but couldnt comment yet on any potential changes to subscriptions/pricing.Update: Parsecs has confirmed that it will not change the Parsec app, as the company tweeted to clarify.