Best Ethernet adapters for Chromecast or Fire TV Stick 2021

Best Ethernet adapters to Chromecast and Fire TV Stick Android Central 2021The Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV Stick are two of the most sought-after streaming sticks options. Both are around $40. Streaming can be imperfect. An Ethernet adapter could help you save a lot of time by hard wiring you into your Wi-Fi connection. Here are the top Ethernet adapters for Chromecast and Fire TV Stick in 2021.Faster wired connection: Cable Matters Micro USB Ethernet Adapter up to 480Mbps Staff Choice Most Ethernet adapters transmit data at 100Mbps. However, this Cable Matters model can transmit data at speeds of up to 480Mbps. The adapter also has 3-foot cables for micro-USB or USB, which makes setup simple no matter what configuration you have. Amazon - Amazon Ethernet Adapter For Amazon Fire TV Sticks $15 The adapter includes a Micro-USB connector for connecting to an Ethernet port and a power supply. You can connect an Ethernet cable to the port provided and there are no additional drivers or setup requirements. Amazon Ethernet Adapter Replacement For TV Stick - Smays Ethernet Adapter With USB Hub $15 This Ethernet adapter has its own power supply, which supplies power to both the Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV sticks. It also powers the USB hub. You can also connect an external USB flash disk with files that you have accessed from a Fire TV stick to the hub. For easier navigation, you can also plug in a wireless keyboard or mouse. The third USB port is used only for charging. Amazon: UGREEN Ethernet adapter, $13 You can simply run an Ethernet cable to your router and your streaming stick will be ready. Amazon's Best Value - TV xStream Ethernet adapter TV xStream is the best option for wired connectivity for your Fire TV Stick or Chromecast. It's not as simple because it actually has two adapters, one Ethernet-to USB and one USB-to Micro-USB. It still works well for its purpose, improving streaming connection quality. Amazon $12 Quick and simple setup - Cubicideas Ethernet adapter Cubicideas provides a reliable, easy to use Ethernet adapter. It includes a 3.3 foot cable and delivers stable 100Mbps internet connectivity. It can be used with any smart device that draws power via Micro-USB, such as a Chromecast or Fire TV Stick. Amazon: $11Don't be frustrated by inconsistent stream qualityThere could be many reasons your home Wi-Fi is not delivering the best signal to your Chromecast and Amazon Fire streaming devices. Your wireless network could be overloaded by too many devices, or the distance between your streaming dongle and the router. Your home walls can also block the signal. A wired connection, regardless of what is causing interference, is the best solution. It eliminates interference and places your streaming device at top of the queue for internet access.You'll find plenty of adapters for sale that can achieve this connection: all you need is a Micro-USB-to-Ethernet adapting cable. Most adapters in this list support only 10/100 Ethernet. This means that they can only upload at 10Mbps and download at 100Mbps. However, streaming will only require a small amount of bandwidth. Although this is fine, if your Wi Fi can reach higher speeds than 100Mbs it could slow down your internet connection.Cable Matters Ethernet adapter is therefore a standout amongst a multitude of adapters offering the same transfer speeds. This adapter can download at speeds up to 480Mbps. If your internet is capable of reaching that speed, it will be sufficient to stream 4K video via your Chromecast or Fire TV Stick.