3 Things To Know About What Scientists Say About Our Future Climate

Three Things Scientists Have to Say About Our Future Climate A stark assessment of climate change by more than 200 scientists has just been released. It shows that extreme weather, heat waves and droughts are all on the rise. Although the evidence is overwhelming for global warming, future disasters will depend on how quickly governments reduce heat-trapping emissions. These are the main findings of the report. #1 The rapid and widespread warming caused by humans is #1 The level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is at its highest point in at least 2 million years. Temperatures are rising quickly as a result. Global temperatures have risen faster since 1970 than any other 50 year period over the past 2,000 years. Some areas of the globe are heating up faster, such as the poles. Loading... #2 Extreme weather is on a rise and will continue to get worse Heat waves are becoming more intense and frequent. Floods are being caused by more rain from storms. Droughts are becoming more severe and hotter. Scientists have found that these trends are directly related to human influence on climate, and they are getting worse. Loading... #3: The worst effects can be avoided if humans reduce their carbon emissions Scientists believe there is still time for catastrophic climate change to be prevented, even though the planet will continue warming in the short-term. This would result in a rapid decline in the emissions from cars and power plants over the next few years, effectively halting the consumption of fossil fuels. Loading...


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