Green Bay Packers' preseason to be Jordan Love's show as Aaron Rodgers likely to sit out

GREEN BAY (Wis.) -- The Jordan Love Show will be featured on the Green Bay Packers' 2021 preseason.Matt LaFleur, the coach, stated Tuesday that Aaron Rodgers won't play in the preseason. This likely has nothing or little to do with Rodgers offseason in which he expressed concerns about the organization, and skipped the entire Spring Program. Rodgers hasn't been active in the preseasons.Rodgers was supposed to play in the preseason game 3 in 2019, but LaFleur had concerns about the field conditions in Winnipeg, so the Packers decided not to play him. Last year, there were no preseason matches.Rodgers was last active in preseason in 2018, when he participated in one series with seven plays. Since 2015, he has not played in more than three preseason series.Love will play in his first ever game since the Senior Bowl on Jan. 25, 2020. As a rookie, the Packers' 2020 first-round selection did not play. He never even got to practice. He was not active for 16 regular-season and both playoff games.Love stated that his last game action was over a year ago. "I'm super excited. This is the moment that I have been waiting for since last year, even though there was no preseason. It feels almost as if I have been practicing for this preseason game for a whole year. I am so excited to get out and play ball again.Love's closest experience with playing pro was Saturday's Lambeau Field practice in front of 34 835 family members who braved the rain to attend the annual Family Night. Love mishandled it three times. Two of those were snaps by Jacob Capra, an undrafted rookie center, and one was a slip during a scramble.Love displayed arm strength that was not seen in his two NFL summer camps. Love pushed the ball down the field on a pass Reggie Begelton couldn’t catch, but it was possibly the most deep ball Love had ever thrown.LaFleur stated that there were "some really great things" and then there are some things she has to fix. "We can't keep the ball on the ground. There were a few fumbled trades. Although he hasn’t had a lot of practice with Capra, he will have to do so in the preseason. These are the things we need to fix. One play was where he reached out to grab the ball and then he lost his grip. We just have to ensure that he is doing a good job taking care of the football."I thought that he was capable of making a few nice throws. Reggie almost got a big one from him. I don't know how it got through, but it was a fantastic pass to Reggie. I believe Reggie would love to have that pass back. There were many good things. We will insist on him to maintain the right tempo throughout the huddle and up to the line at scrimmage. He made a few mistakes in how we set up the formations, so he needs to fix that and get everyone lined up so we can execute.LaFleur stated that Love would "take the majority" of Saturday's game against the Texans and Kurt Benkert would finish it. After releasing Jake Dolegala and Blake Bortles shortly after Rodgers arrived at training camp, the Packers now have three quarterbacks.