Nvidia's tiny RTX A2000 GPU can fit inside a small form factor PC

Nvidia today launches its new RTX A2000 GPU, which is designed for professional workstations. This GPU is Nvidia's smallest Ampere-based GPU and fits easily into small-sized workstations. The RTX A2000, like Nvidia's Quadro cards is intended for professionals who wish to use ray tracing as well as Nvidias AI capabilities. It is the latest GPU in a series of A-series GPUs.The RTX A2000 is capable of delivering 8 teraflops GPU performance. It also has 3328 CUDA cores and 6GB of GDDR6 with ECC memory. A memory clock of 6001Mhz makes it possible to run at 6001Mhz. This makes it appear more powerful than Nvidia's RTX3050 laptop GPU. It consumes only 70 watts of electricity, making it very efficient.Nvidia's new Ampere architecture is the basis of the RTX A2000. It is optimized for 3D modeling and rendering software such as Blender, Autodesk 3ds max, and others. It supports PCIe 4 and second-generation RT cores.The compact design is low profile and features a single blower as well as four DisplayPort1.4 ports at its rear. This makes it great for multiple monitor workstations. The RTX 2000 is designed by Nvidia to be used remotely for 3D design. It has a form factor that fits into all sizes of workstations. It measures just 2.7 inches in height and 6.6 inches in length, which is the same size as a mini RTX3060. The RTX A2000 measures almost half of the size of the RTX 3090.Nvidia has partnered with a number of partners to make the RTX A2000 accessible on workstations manufactured by Asus, Dell and HP. Nvidia partners will release the RTX A2000 in October at a price of around $450.