Kathy Hochul to become New York's first female governor after Cuomo resigns

New York Governor Andrew Cuomos has resigned. Andrew Cuomos' resignation on Tuesday will see Kathy Hochul, his lieutenant become the state's first female governor.Cuomo was forced to resign following an investigation by Letitia James, New York Attorney General. The investigation found that Cuomo had sexually harassed almost a dozen women. James published a report last week detailing his findings. It found that Cuomo had sexually harassed both current and former state employees, in violation of both state and federal laws.Hochul posted a tweet Tuesday morning saying that she was ready to replace Cuomo.I support Governor Cuomo's decision not to resign. It's the right thing to take and it is in the best interests of New Yorkers.As someone who has held various levels of government positions and is the next in line for succession, I am ready to serve as New York's 57th Governor. Kathy Hochul (@LtGovHochulNY) August 10, 2021Hochul, a Buffalo native who was a Democratic congresswoman in the past, will assume the governorship. She will be the first governor to come from New York City or one of its neighboring counties for nearly 100 years.New York Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul. (Seth Wenig/AP).Hochul tweeted after the publication of the report: I believe these brave women and admire their courage for coming forward.The law is for everyone. She continued, "Under the New York Constitution," the Assembly will now decide the next steps.She did not call for Cuomos to be impeached or resign. She wrote that Lieutenant Governors are the next in line of succession and she didn't think it appropriate to comment on the situation at the moment.Cuomo was resigned by many politicians and lawmakers, including Nancy Pelosi (House Speaker), Chuck Schumer (Senate Majority Leader) and, most importantly, President Biden.New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, and Lt. Governor. Kathy Hochul, at a Staten Island Heroin Task Force Meeting in 2016. (Seth Wenig/AP).He should resign, I believe. I am aware that the state Legislature could decide to impeach. That is not something I know for certain. Biden stated last Tuesday that he has not yet read all of the data.Continue the storyHochul was elected as Cuomos lieutenant Governor in 2014 and reelected in 2018.Hochul gained national attention in 2011 when she won a special election for the 26th Congressional District of New York. This district had previously sent a Republican to Congress for four decades. After a shirtless photograph of him that he sent to a Craigslist woman, Rep. Christopher Lee was elected the incumbent. He resigned in his term.Hochul, who was in Congress, introduced the Clothe a Homeless Hero Act. This directs airports that unclaimed clothing is to be donated at security checkpoints. It became law in 2013. Her time in Congress was brief. She lost her reelection bid to a Republican candidate for the redrawn District in 2012.Hochul has a long history working in New York state politics. He holds a bachelor's degree from Syracuse University as well as a law degree at Catholic University.Hochul was a congresswoman at the mock swearing in with John Boehner, right, Katie, her daughter, and Bill on June 1, 2011. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)After graduating law school, she was a legal counsel to and aide to two former Democratic politicians: Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan and Rep. John LaFalce. She was elected to the Hamburg Town Board, Erie County, N.Y. and served until 2007.Hochul founded the Kathleen Mary House, a home for children and women who have been victims of domestic violence, in 2006 while she was on the town board. Politico asked Hochul about her grandmother's domestic abuse story, and she shared it with them. This inspired her mother to become active in the fight against domestic violence.Hochul was known as a moderate before she ran for lieutenant governor. Hochul was a county clerk and built a pro-gun record. This led to her being endorsed by The National Rifle Association in her congressional reelection campaign.She voted against a 2007 proposal by the then-Gov. Eliot Spitzer proposed that illegal immigrants in the U.S. could obtain drivers licenses. She promised to arrest them if they applied in her offices. Hochul, who was lieutenant governor, reversed her position, saying that it was a different climate now. My position is now different, I'd say.Hochul at New York's state Capitol in January 2019 (Hans Pennink/AP)Since then, she has reversed her stance on guns laws and supported the NY SAFE Act signed by Cuomo. This is one of the most strict gun control laws in America.Hochul is the lieutenant governor and chairs 10 Regional Economic Development Councils. These councils work with business leaders, academia, and non-profits to complete various projects throughout the state. Hochul also heads the State Workforce Investment Board which addresses the shortage of skilled workers for businesses. She is also co-chair of the Heroin and Opioid Abuse Task Force. She was the founder of the Enough Is Enough campaign to combat sexual assault on college campuses.Despite being Cuomos No. Hochul was not the governor's number 2. She stopped referring to Cuomo's name after he was accused of sexual assault earlier in the year. He omits Hochuls' name in his 300-page pandemic memoir. It highlights his administration members who assisted him in responding to the COVID-19 crisis.Cuomo and Hochul, his running-mate after he defeated his Republican challenger in 2014. (Kathy Willens/AP)The state Assembly announced Thursday that the impeachment investigation into Cuomo was close to completion. It asked that Cuomo and his legal team present any defense evidence by Friday.Separate from the attorney generals, the Assembly began an investigation in March. It was looking into possible misconduct cases including Cuomo’s handling of deaths at nursing homes during the pandemic.The Assembly has been working to speed up the impeachment process since Jamess' report was released. A simple majority vote in the Assembly to impeach would have resulted in a trial in state Senate where Democrats are also majorities. Hochul would have replaced Cuomo if he was convicted.Hochul isn't the first lieutenant governor not to take the gubernatorial post. In 2008, the then-Gov. After a scandal involving prostitution, Eliot Spitzer quit and was replaced by David Paterson, his lieutenant governor.____Yahoo News has more information: