New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo resigns over sexual harassment scandal

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Tuesday that he would resign in two weeks due to a scandal involving sexual harassment. He said he didn't want to distract from the important work being done by New York. Cuomo made the shocking announcement via live streaming from his Manhattan office minutes after his lawyer, who was speaking to reporters herself, denied that he had ever sexually harassed anyone in his three terms as a Democrat. Lt. Governor Cuomo will be replaced by Kathy Hochul, who will also become the Empire State's first woman governor. Cuomo's resignation comes one week after the state Attorney General's report found that he had sexually harassed former and current staff members, as well as a state trooper who was assigned to his protective detail and women not working in government. The resignation comes as at least five county district attorneys in the state are looking into possible Cuomo crimes against some of these women or have requested evidence from that report. Cuomo (63) said that he wanted to step down in order to prevent months of distraction from the state. The state is currently dealing with the Covid pandemic and faces an almost certain impeachment over allegations that he sexually harassed at most 11 women. Cuomo stated that, given the current circumstances, it is the best thing for me to help now if I step aside so government can get back at government. "I will do that because I work for my clients, and doing right is what is best for them. Cuomo admitted that he had made some offensive comments to his accusers, despite continuing to deny the serious allegations against him. He stated, "In my mind I have never crossed that line with anyone." "But I didn’t realize how much the line had been redrawn." "Thank you for letting me serve you. Cuomo stated, "It has been an honor of a life time." "God Bless You." Hochul, a Buffalo Democrat, who turns 63 in this month's tweet, stated that "I agree with Governor Cuomo’s decision to step down." It's the right thing to take and it is in the best interests of New Yorkers. Hochul wrote, "As someone who served at all levels and is next in line of succession," Hochul. Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, stated that President Joe Biden had not yet spoken to Hochul, but added, "We look forwards to working with her."Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul addresses Westchester as it stands united against hate rallies at the Jewish Community Center of Mid-Westchester. LightRocketLetitia James, Attorney General, is a Democrat. She stated last week that Cuomo's conduct had violated state and federal laws. This included unwelcome touching and comments that made women feel uncomfortable. Brittany Commisso, Cuomo's executive assistant, described how Cuomo had touched her breasts in one instance and then rubbed her back in another encounter at the Executive Mansion, Albany, after he suggested that they take a selfie together. "What he did was a crime to me." Commisso stated that he had broken the law. James said Tuesday, after Cuomo had announced his resignation, that "Today closes an awful chapter for all New York, but it is an important step towards justice." "I am grateful to Governor Cuomo" for his contributions to the state. James stated that New York will be able to enter a new era with the ascension by Kathy Hochul, our Lieutenant Governor. We must build on the achievements made so that New Yorkers can live better in every part of the state. I am confident that Lieutenant Governor Hochul is leading our state and look forward to working with her. Cuomo's resignation follows calls from fellow Democrats including Biden, members of the state congressional delegation, and Sens. Chuck Schumer, Kirsten Gillibrand, and members of New York’s legislature. Melissa DeRosa was Cuomo’s top aide and had been charged in the AG's Report with being a key figure in an attempt to discredit one of the governor’s most prominent accusers.Hochul stated that she believed Cuomo and his accusers after the AG's report was published. She called Cuomo’s behavior towards those women "repulsive" and "illegal." Cuomo strongly denied that the women claimed and stated that the probe was marred by politics and bias against him. Cuomo emotional referred to his three daughters Tuesday by saying: "I never did, and would never, intentionally disrespect a women or treat her differently than I would like them to." "Your dad made mistakes. He apologised. He learned from it. Cuomo stated that this is what life is about. Rita Glavin was the governor's attorney. She made a lengthy statement before he resigned. Glavin accused James' outside lawyers of bias in their work and of coming to a preconceived conclusion about Cuomo that they had acted inappropriately. They gathered evidence supporting that conclusion while disregarding evidence that would contradict it. Glavin stated that women should be believed, and treated fairly. "I believe men should also be believed and treated fairly. This should be the right for all people. "The governor should be treated fairly. And that didn't happen here. Cuomo is just the latest high-ranking New York Democratic politician to fall prey to a sex scandal. In 2008, Gov. After revelations about Spitzer's payments for prostitute sex, Eliot Spitzer quit. Anthony Weiner, a former Representative, was sentenced to federal prison for more than one year in 2017 after pleading guilty at the time to sexting a minor girl. Four women had accused Eric Schneiderman of physical abuse and he resigned in 2018 as the state attorney general. Cuomo had been succeeded by Schneiderman as attorney general. Cuomo was forced to resign five months after harassment claims against him were made public. Cuomo's fall is a remarkable turnaround from his political fortunes in 2020 when his handling the Covid pandemic was highly praised and he was awarded a lucrative book deal to discuss it.Gov. Andrew Cuomo speaking August 10, 2021. Source: The State of New YorkBiden also mentioned Cuomo as a possible running partner or potential attorney general in his new administration. Cuomo had been resisting calls to resign for months. This was after former aides Lindsey Boylan and Charlotte Bennett accused him of inappropriate behavior towards them. Cuomo was also described by other women as engaging in similar behavior. An aide to the governor told her superiors that Cuomo had aggressively groped her at the governor's mansion last summer after summoning her under the pretense of dealing with a problem with her mobile phone. The Albany Police Department received the account of the unidentified woman and reached out to her representative.From dynasty through downfallCuomo is the son of the former three-term Governor. Mario Cuomo. Cuomo was previously New York's attorney General and secretary of Housing and Urban Development under the Clinton administration. Cuomo is married to Kerry Kennedy. His father, Robert Kennedy was the U.S. attorney General under President John Kennedy. He was assassinated in 1968 while running for president. Cuomo became a national star last year. Cuomo was praised for his fact-based press conferences that detailed the devastating effects of Covid-19 and his constant reminders to prevent infected people from getting it. He also received praise for his compassionate reaction to the human toll caused by the pandemic. Cuomo's humorous interviews about Covid that he conducted with Chris Cuomo (CNN host), earned him a lot of praise and were criticized by media ethicists. Cuomo's press conferences were often compared to those of Donald Trump who was criticised for questioning his medical advisors and downplaying the dangers of the virus. For his televised performances, the New York governor was awarded an Emmy in late 2017. Cuomo's Covid management, and his aggressive style of government management overall were also the seeds for his political devastation.He is at odds with his party