Screenwriter Forced to Tell Anti-Vaxxers 'I Am Legend' is Fake

Will Smith stars in the zombie film I Am Legend, which was written by Akiva Goldsman. He has now clarified something via Twitter. Akiva Goldsman, the writer of I Am Legend, had to clarify that it is fiction. It's not a documentary on zombies or anything like that.AdvertisementOh. Oh. God. It's a movie. That's what I made up. It is. It's not. Real, Goldsman tweeted Monday night.What is the point of Goldsman clarifying something so obvious? Anti-vaccination activists who oppose covid-19 vaccines seem to have made I Am Legend a meme.This meme wrongly claims that zombies were made in the movie by a vaccine program that went wrong. It seems that this would be relevant to the real-world covid-19 pandemic that has killed at least 4.3 million and sickened at most 203 million people worldwide.The New York Times reported that one person believed the meme was real. It went viral and featured one of the most bizarre explanations in newspaper history.One employee stated that she was worried because she believed that a vaccine had made the characters in I Am Legend become zombies. The plague that made people zombies in the movie was not caused by vaccines, but by a genetically-reprogrammed virus.AdvertisementThis is not the first time the movie has been mentioned in mainstream media reports about resistance to covid-19 vaccine. The Washington Post published a similar story back in May.Simmons, a Democrat, said to The Post that she was haunted since 2007 by the horror film I Am Legend starring Will Smith. Simmons said that the film portrays a failed cancer treatment that leaves most people dead and makes survivors into monsters. Simmons was referring to the movie because she saw the rapid progress of coronavirus vaccines. It is a great movie for many reasons. That was kinda scary. Simmons stated that you don't want to become a zombie.AdvertisementThis is a sad fact to consider. It is not large enough to be heard by the wider anti-vaccine community.The highly contagious delta variant of the virus is making its way through the unvaccinated, causing a worrying increase in covid-19 cases in the United States. The average number of cases per day in the U.S. for seven days is more than 124,000, which is the highest level since February early.AdvertisementTexas and Mississippi hospitals are running out ICU beds. The Governor of Texas even asked Texas hospitals to delay non-emergency surgery Monday in order to make way for covid-19 patients. Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, is actively opposed to any measures that could reduce spread of the virus.Many anti-vaccine idiots claim that the choice to take the covid-19 vaccine is purely personal. As many people have pointed out though, these personal choices can ripple throughout society. We hope you don't need medical care if you live in Austin, Texas, or Jackson, Mississippi. The unvaccinated make life-saving choices and are making these personal choices.