Inside the White House-Facebook Rift Over Vaccine Misinformation

According to Mike Gwin (White House spokesperson), we have engaged with Facebook on this issue since the transition. We have made it clear to them when they havent met our standards or theirs and have active elevated content on their platforms that misleads Americans.Facebook strongly reacted to the criticisms from the White House, accusing it of making the administration look bad for failing to meet its vaccine goals. Andy Stone, a Facebook spokesperson, stated that the White House had not given enough credit to the company for its promotion of the vaccine. He stated that the social network had worked with the White House for months to get people vaccinated and introduced features such as prominent links to clinics.We will remove any Covid-related content which violates our rules, and we will continue to link directly to authoritative health information for all Covid posts, Mr. Stone stated.Mr. Gwin stated that the administration needs the support of Facebook, as well as other tech platforms, elected leaders, and media outlets in order to spread accurate information about vaccines. Officials from the administration warn that criticizing prominent TV personalities, such as Fox News and CNN, could cause viewers to lose interest in getting vaccinated.Some people close to the White House claim that Facebook, which also controls Instagram and WhatsApp is considered problematic. Similar complaints have been made by election officials and human rights advocates about Facebook's misinformation handling in recent years. Executives point out steps taken to share accurate information, but not to take responsibility for falsehoods that are widely spread on its services.Before the pandemic, Mr. Biden's frustrations with Facebook started. His team fought with Facebook during his presidential campaign about its decision to not fact-check political ads. This was especially after Trump supporters ran false ads claiming that Mr. Biden had acted with Ukrainian officials. During the campaign, Mr. Biden called the chief executive of the company a problem and said that he had never been a huge Zuckerberg fan.