Miami Marlins' Lewis Brinson, after reviewing video, says he hears Rockies fan using slur but is open to mascot explanation

After reviewing the video, Marlins OF Lewis Brinson says he heard a fan use a racial insult, but he's open to the explanation that the fan was calling the name of the Rockies' Mascot. (3:21).DENVER -- The Colorado Rockies claimed that a fan shouted the name of their mascot Dinger, and not a racial slur, during Sunday's game at Coors Field. The Black player at the plate was not so sure.Miami Marlins outfielder Lewis Brinson claimed he didn’t hear any fan shouting during the game. However, he reviewed the tape the next day and had a different opinion.Brinson stated that he had watched the video at least 50 time in the last 15-16 hours. This was before Monday's San Diego game. "I watched it a lot. Especially when I heard that the N-word was being used by Dinger.""I personally -- again, this is my personal opinion -- I keep hearing the N word. It's not because I like it, it's just that I don't want to hear. He said that personally, I have never been called that on the field or outside of the baseball park to my face."But to this point, I'm repeating that again. I haven’t spoken to that Rockies fan or the Rockies personally. He said that if this is the case, then he was sorry for any backlash and/or anything he's experiencing right now.In Monday's 8-3 loss to Padres, Brinson scored two runs: a home run and one.The Rockies claimed Monday that the fan was actually honking at the club's purple-polka-dotted dinosaur macot.The Colorado Rockies stated in a statement that they had conducted a thorough investigation, which included emails, calls and video clips from media partners and concerned fans. They concluded that the fan was actually shouting for Rockies mascot Dinger to get his attention for a photograph. There was no racial slur."The Rockies are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all players, fans and guests at Coors Field," they stated. "Any fan using derogatory language will be expelled from Coors Field."After the club released a statement Sunday night stating that it was disgusted at the epithets directed at Brinson during the ninth inning of Colorado’s 13-8 win, the team stated that fans seated near Brinson contacted them to defend the fan.The club contacted the fan who stated that it was a misunderstanding and was trying to get Dinger's attention.Both broadcasts picked up the man's shouts, but the Bally Sports Florida broadcast was more clear than the Colorado broadcast because Drew Goodman, the Rockies broadcaster, was speaking at the time.Brinson was not among those on the field who responded to the shouts.Jason Latimer, Marlins spokesperson, stated that the team was aware about the clip after the game.He said, in a text message sent to The Associated Press, that neither Lewis nor any other Marlins were able to hear what was being shouted. "We brought this matter to the attention Rockies. They will tell me how the matter is being dealt with.In a Sunday night statement, the Rockies condemned the alleged conduct.The Colorado Rockies were disgusted by the racial slur made by a fan at Lewis Brinson, Marlins' pitcher, during the ninth inning today's game," the team stated in a Sunday statement. The Rockies are still investigating the incident, even though the subject was not identified before the game ended."The Rockies are against racism and discrimination and will ban any fan who uses derogatory language from Coors Field."Brinson claimed he didn’t hear the fan during at-bat, and didn’t know what was happening until after the game, when he began receiving messages on Instagram."My first reaction was to be upset, man. That is a name that no one wants to hear. It is a disgraceful and disgusting term that degrades Black people. Brinson stated Monday that it was a disgusting term and no one wants to hear it." "I was shocked.""I'm receiving a lot love and support on Instagram, and I'm sure Twitter. That is 100% of my appreciation. As a human being, I feel your pain. He said that if he was shouting for the mascot, I am sorry to any backlash or unnecessary attention he's receiving right now.""But this happens in our game. This is something I do not know if many people are aware of. Although I have never been called this personally, it is something I know of many Black players who do. It's very disgusting and must stop. It's not a place for such things in sports and it's not a place for them in life. He said, "I don't want that situation to be swept under the carpet."In the final innings, Coors Field fans began to crowd the lower deck of the stadium. They were moving closer for a postgame concert as part of Faith Day celebrations.The team officials were unable to brief the ushers in the area where the shouter was located until the concert had ended approximately an hour later.Brinson scored twice and had two hits. He also drew one walk in the ninth. The 27-year old is currently in his fifth season with the major leagues.The Rockies aren't planning to change the name of their mascot.