WhatsApp beta bug breaks chat history ' here's what's going on

WhatsApp has just added two new features to its platform, multi-device beta. This allows you to log in to up to four devices simultaneously without your phone. View Once photos and videos disappear once they are opened.With the new WhatsApp beta update, there's a bug that blocks you from seeing older chat messages. Over the weekend, the bug I experienced was that I could only see the 25 most recent messages in any conversation. After that, I get an infinite loading icon which does nothing.After switching to a new phone, I realized something was wrong with the import. I deleted the app and tried a fresh restore but the problem continued. It doesn't appear that the chat history is affected. I was able access older messages using the search function. However, it's not possible to scroll up in a chat to view messages older than a few weeks.Reddit has a number of threads with the same problem. All are on WhatsApp beta. Some users claimed that the bug was only affecting their phones, and that they could access older messages via WhatsApp Web. However, this is not true for me. I can't view any messages beyond the 25 most recent. The issue persists even though I updated to build you are a beta user facing this problem, please know that it is a bug in the latest build of the software and not your Android phone. Reinstalling the service won't make any difference. I have reached out to Facebook and will update this post when I get back. If you are still having trouble, you can deregister from the beta version of the WhatsApp client and install the stable WhatsApp client from Google Play Store.