'They can't arrest all of us': Rand Paul calls for defiance against COVID-19 restrictions

Monday's video by Sen. Rand Paul was a plea to the public for resistance to COVID-19 regulations.According to the Kentucky Republican, a united public rejection of any restrictions to stop the spread of the virus was too overwhelming for the government and that "petty dictators and bureaucrats would have to abandon mask mandates and other similar policies.""It's our turn to resist. Paul stated in the video that they can't arrest everyone. They can't keep your children home from school. Although they can't close every government building, I have a long list that they may keep open or should keep closed."FAUCI AND Rand Paul CALL EACH OTHER LIARS OVER WUHAN LABPaul, a practicing physician and licensed physician, is well-known in the Senate for his libertarian views. He has also voiced criticism of COVID-19 regulations from the start of the pandemic.Paul specifically mentioned Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker, and President Joe Biden, saying that they had either been given the vaccine or had COVID. We can make our own decisions about our health. We won't show you a passport. We won't wear masks, and we won't be forced to undergo random screenings or testings in order to continue your drunken-with-power rule over the Capitol.Paul also criticised "anti-science", mask mandates imposed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention."We are at the moment of truth and crossroads. We must not allow fear-mongering and propaganda to further damage our economy, society, and children. Paul wrote the following message in an accompanying video. "Or will you stand together and say, absolutely no. This time, not at this moment. "I choose freedom."After the CDC requested that the public continue to wear masks in areas of high transmission, the CDC said this regardless of their vaccination status.The CDC advised that masks should be worn indoors in public to protect against the spread of the Delta variant. You should still wear a mask when required by law, rules, regulations or local guidance.Continue the storyThe CDC also urged those already infected to get vaccinated, stating that the vaccine is better than natural immunity.CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION FROM THE WASHINGTON XAMINERPaul has been a vocal critic of the Biden administration’s COVID-19 policies.Instead of listening to the government, consider the science of immunology. Once you are 2 weeks post-vaccine, or have recovered from actual infection, throw away your mask and start living again, Paul wrote in March last year.Paul also stated in May 2021 that he would not be vaccinated, claiming that he had already developed a natural immunity to the virus from COVID-19 earlier this year.He also clashed with Dr. Anthony Fauci's recommendation to follow the CDC's guidelines.Paul also sent a criminal referral to the Justice Department alleging Fauci had lied before Congress regarding funding gain-of function research in Wuhan.Washington Examiner VideosTags: News. Nancy Pelosi. Joe Biden. Anthony Fauci. Rand Paul. Coronavirus. Face masks. CongressOriginal Author: Timothy NerozziOriginal Location: "They can't arrest us all": Rand Paul calls on defiance of COVID-19 restrictions