Joe Exotic Says His Cancer May Have Spread, He's 'Ready to Die'

Joe Exotic is worried about his prostate cancer. He says it has spread to his stomach and pelvis.We reported that the Tiger King star, who was being held in prison, revealed his cancer diagnosis to President Biden in May. He pleaded for a pardon so that he could be freed and receive medical treatment.Joe claims that he has not received treatment since October. He's also been waiting since October for a colonoscopy. Now, he says doctors have told him his cancer may have spread. John M. Phillips, his attorney, says doctors are currently checking Joe's stomach and pelvis... Joe was scheduled to see a doctor Monday, but that was cancelled due to COVID lockdown.According to The Sun, Joe is still waiting for an official diagnosis. However, he insists that if his cancer has reached stage 3, he will not accept medical treatment and will "let it take" him. He said he was "ready to die."Play video content 7/14/21 Law Offices of Phillips & HuntThis unfortunate news comes a month after Joe was enjoying a positive outlook and a court ruling that could have resulted in a shorter sentence.