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They have made waves across the internet and been sponsored by almost every major brand from Charli DAmelio x Hollister, to MrBeast x Honey. They are only growing.It's time to start incorporating influencers into your early-stage growth marketing strategy. Paid acquisition is always top of mind when companies consider how to quickly increase their revenue and reach. However, there are many other important pillars to a growth marketing engine such as leveraging lifecycle advertising, cultivating organic reach through SEO, and later-stage branding.Influencer marketing doesn't just work for large brands. It works for all brands. It's time to start incorporating influencers into your growth marketing strategy.Influencer marketing is a tactic that's often overlooked by new brands. We would see more growth if the power and value of influencer marketing was well known. It doesn't help that there is a limited supply of marketers who know how to unlock this lever.This marketing tactic is growing in popularity. Let's decode influencer marketing and learn how to combine it with a lesser-known paid marketing trick. We will also explore the many ways to leverage influencer assets. I have unlocked the power and potential of influencer marketing after three years working at Postmates (which is a master at influencer marketing), as a YouTuber in 2008, and as an advisor to startups.Start withThis column is a reminder that influencer marketing doesn't just work for large brands. It is for all brands. When you are developing your growth strategy, include an influencer pillar in it.Reaching out to influencers is a numbers game. It's all about capturing their attention and pitching you brand. However, there are many ways to increase response conversion. Here are some cold messages you should know before reaching out influencers.Your brand pitch.An enticing offer.Next stepsInfluencers are known for receiving a lot of messages from their fans and brands. This is a constant. Your pitch should be natural if you're at the marketing stage. Use what you have written and reduce it to one or two sentences.What are your brand's key value propositions and why should influencers be concerned? You can show them by relating your brand to their industry, their style, and the content they post.Following the pitch, you need to make an irresistible offer. I'll send you some samples of our protein bars. Make your offer attractive and use one of the following structures: Fixed fee, fixed fee + performance, or performance.There are three options for structuring an influencer offer, depending on your budget and risk tolerance: pay a fixed fee once, pay per conversion (CPA performance basis), or a combination of both.