Fortnite�s Ariana Grande concert offers a taste of music in the metaverse � TechCrunch

Ariana Grande danced and soared through Fortnite's candy-colored sets during Epics most recent major in-game live music event. This multi-day event offered plenty of entertainment for gamers and Grande fans, while also showcasing Epic's visually innovative vision for live events that millions can enjoy simultaneously. Fortnite players knew that an Ariana Grande concert was planned for some time. It followed other in-game events with Marshmello and Travis Scott. Scott's live performance at Fortnite saw 12.3 Million viewers. This is a record that Ariana Grande's event will surpass, given that it ran for multiple days. Epic posted a video of their concert. It's worth watching, even if it's just to marvel at what is possible in the gaming world these days. It's great to experience the event in real time, but the video does a good job of capturing the feeling. The show had a few mini-games this time that allowed players to do more than just fly around and watch a virtual pop star do her thing. Players rode a rainbow racetrack and hit power ups, a cross between Mario Kart or Splatoon To Come & Go by Juice WRLD. After the racetrack sequence, players were thrown through a Dr. Seuss-inspired landscape of candy-pink trees with giant floating eyeballs and pushed into mini-games that saw them shoot down the Storm King boss to Wolfmothers Victorious. Grande made her Fortnite debut just a few songs into the 2019 hit 7 Rings. She streaked across the sky and appeared on top of a planet suspended above a sea full of stars. Later, she flew through the clouds in angelic wings while players followed her. The coolest part was when Grande, a skyscraper high, climbed a series Escher-esque staircases using a huge diamond mallet, before throwing it at the sky to shatter it, shotput-style. Epic sets the bar high with Epic's Fortnite events. Although this event did not have many surprises, it was still a great experience. Fortnite's live events, which are imaginative and fun, allow you to dress up in your favorite skin and sail around with millions of other people.


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