The US Military Just Set Off Another 3.9 Magnitude Explosion

The US Navy was carrying out an "experimental explosion".Experimental ExplosionFlorida is blessed with rare earthquakes. On Sunday afternoon, however, there was a 3.9 magnitude earthquake off the Florida coast. It wasn't caused by shifting tectonic plates.Instead, the US Navy was performing an experiment explosion 110 miles offshore of Jacksonville, Florida. This was a powerful display of military might, or taxpayer dollars, depending on how you look at the matter.Testing CarriersThis was not the first time. In June, another explosion rocked the Florida coast. Later, the Navy confirmed that it had detonated 40,000 lbs of explosives next to a 250-foot carrier to ensure it can withstand combat conditions.According to a new report, the Gerald R. Ford cost $13.3 billion to purchase, making it the most expensive and largest warship in American history.AdvertisementAdvertisementAccording to the Navy, shock trials are conducted by the US Navy using live explosives to ensure that warships can meet mission requirements in harsh environments.The Navy claimed that it also respected the migration patterns of marine life within the test area.According to WLTX the explosion that occurred Sunday was just miles away from the site of the June test. This suggests that the incident could be related to ongoing shock trials by the Navy.According to the Orlando Sentinel, a third similar explosion occurred in mid-July and also reached 3.9 on Richter scale.AdvertisementAdvertisementWill Floridians be subject to more industrial-military tremors in the coming year? We are hopeful that the Gerald R. Ford will be able to make it home in one piece.READ MORE: Florida Coast, Experimental Explosion again rocks Waters [WLTX]The explosions continue: US Navy Launches a Giant Explosion that Registers as a 3.9 Magnitude Explosion