Fantasian wraps up with part two release on August 13th

Fantasian, the beautiful role-playing game by Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Takaguchi, was not actually the entire game when it first appeared on Apple Arcade. It was instead described as the first part in a larger story. The conclusion of that story is near: Fantasian's second part will launch this Friday, August 13th in Arcades Weekly Update. Developer Mistwalker says the second half of the game features anywhere from 40 to 60 hours to play. There are also 50 new vistas that can be explored, as well as 34 new songs by Nobuo Uematsu, a renowned composer. His work is currently streaming on Apple Music. Sakaguchi stated in a statement that: The end of the story is marked by the release of Part 2 in Fantasian. This volume ended up being twice as large as Part 1 and features more quest-driven quests, allowing players to move through the world at their own pace. Boss encounters have never been more memorable. We can all say, on behalf of the entire dev team, diorama artisans and musical talent, that we have not left anything to the imagination. The experience has been carefully designed to preserve the warmth and beauty of the dioramas. This mysterious energy is what makes Fantasian so special. Apple's gaming service will get a new game called Wurdweb on Friday, in addition to the Fantasians major update. It's described as a relaxing word-puzzle game and was co-developed with Adriaan de Jongh and Aran Koning, part of the Sokpop Collective.


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