Doom Patrol First Season 3 HBO Max Trailer: Your Brain on Drugs

Doom Patrol's second season saw the world at risk of another catastrophe. Jane and Dorothy Spinner freed various types of monsters that were hungry to cause havoc. Doom Patrol is a show that you have probably seen a lot of. However, as bad as it may seem, the third season was not going to be all doom and gloom.AdvertisementDoom Patrol's third season teaser doesn't skip over season 2. In the opening moments, you can see everyone escaping from their wax casings in horror when Dorothy Spinner invites the Candlemaker to their dimension. Jane had realized that her Kay personality, Jane's Daddy personality, was actually Jane. Jane wanted to control her body. Jane's alter, although it is not known which one, climbs out of Jane's underground. This suggests that the fight against Daddy isnt over and Doom Patrols track record indicates that there might be a quick resolution to all these plot lines.The trailer also features classic villains such as Monsieur Mallah, the Brain, and an ambulance. This is more likely Danny's latest form of sentient brick. The teaser, as random and scattered as it is, is very Doom Patrol-esque. It points out that the series is preparing for a return of madness that will take the series in new directions.Doom Patrol's third season premiered on HBO Max September 23rd. New episodes will be added every Thursday until November 11.Correction: 8/9/2021 at 2:56 ET: This post was edited to clarify that Monsieur Mallah is the gorilla seen briefly in the trailer, not Gorilla Grodd.Are you curious about where our RSS feed went. The new one can be found here.