Elon Musk-approved Render Shows Two Starships, uh, Exchanging Fluids

They're refueling. We think.Orbital romanceSpaceX's Starship spacecraft will not be able make it to Mars by itself.Each Mars- or Moonbound Starship must meet in orbit with its fellow Starships in order to get into orbit. This will allow them to fuel up for their journey beyond Earth. It is not yet clear how many Starships will be needed to reach the Moon.How will this process look? A SpaceX enthusiast has created a new rendering that shows the sensual act in which two large stainless-steel spacecraft meet in space to refuel. This drawing was approved by Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX. He replied with two fire emoticons.It's easy to think that the display which shows the ships floating belly to belly to transfer propellant would make you feel sexy. It's amazing!AdvertisementAdvertisementAdvertisementAdvertisementPriority for MissionSpaceX's mission includes in-orbit fueling. NASA granted SpaceX a contract worth $53 million to demonstrate propellant transfer.SpaceX stated in a tweet that combining Starships rapid reuseability with orbital replenishment is crucial for economically transporting large amounts of crew and cargo to Mars and Moon.The Starships will transfer ten metric tons each of liquid oxygen from one Starship to the other. This test has not yet been scheduled.SpaceX must first prove that the Starship and Super Heavy can get into orbit. SpaceX is getting closer to its first orbital test launch. Only then can the company seriously consider an orbital refueling maneuver.AdvertisementAdvertisementSpaceX Just Mounted Starship On Top of the Super HeavyBooster