UN Says It's 'Code Red for Humanity' in Alarming Climate Change Report

"Things are likely to get worse than they currently are."Red AlertAfter carefully reviewing over 14,000 studies on climate change, analysing trends and policies, and looking closely at the current state of the world, the United Nations assembled an international panel of scientists to conclude that we face a future filled with destruction, death, and climate disasters.This is unfortunately the main conclusion of the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's (IPCC) new report. The report states that it is too late to stop ecological devastation. Mass death from intolerable heat, drought and flooding will most likely occur over the next few years.The New York Times reports that we are now in a crucial time when even more severe effects of climate change cannot be prevented. This is as long as all countries take immediate and urgent steps to end the burning of fossil fuels.Global BreakdownThe report shows that human activity has caused climate change by warming the planet by approximately 1.1 degrees Celsius from pre-industrial levels. According to the report, even if we stop using fossil fuels immediately and restore natural ecosystems back to their former glory within the next 20 years, 1.5 degrees of global warming is possible. This is the global warming limit set by the 2015 Paris Agreement.AdvertisementAdvertisementAccording to the NYT, about 1 billion people will experience increasingly severe heatwaves and intense droughts when that happens.According to Piers Forster, University of Leeds climate researcher, and coauthor of the report, extreme weather will increase significantly over the next 20-30 years. Unfortunately, things are likely to get worse than what they are now.Self-PreservationOur species is at an important crossroads. It is possible to prevent this apocalyptic future vision from becoming worse by taking decisive global actions in the immediate future. And yes, continuing with our business-as usual approach to planetary management will only make this climate emergency worse.This is the crucial decade to keep the 1.5 target within reach. Jane Lubchenco, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy deputy Director, told the NYT.AdvertisementAdvertisementThe report provides a breakdown of what each region can expect from climate change-linked destruction. This gives hope that the specific warnings and recommendations will reach the world leaders who are able to make a difference.According to Ko Barrett, vice chair of the IPCC, there is no way back. He also said that ending fossil fuel use could make a big difference in the climate future.READ MORE: Climate Panel warns that a hotter future is certain. We Decide How Hot. [The New York Times]Climate change: Scientists warn of a Methane Time Bomb in SiberiaAdvertisementAdvertisement