Rockies Launch Investigation After Fan Shouts Racial Slur at Marlins' Lewis Brinson

AP Photo/David ZalubowskiWhile Lewis Brinson, Miami Marlins' outfielder, was at the plate Sunday, the Colorado Rockies are looking into a fan who used the N-word.The team stated that the Rockies are against racism and discrimination and that any fan using any derogatory language will be expelled from Coors Field.The Rockies' 13-8 victory was broadcast on television and the slur was heard loud enough to be picked-up by the viewers.Although the Marlins and Lewis heard the slur, they didn't notice it during the game.Jason Latimer, a Miami spokesman, told the Associated Press via text that neither Lewis nor any other Marlins were aware of what was being shouted. The Rockies were notified. I will not comment on the manner in which the matter is being handled.Tony Clark, the MLBPA executive director, addressed the issue in a statement.Five-time All-Star Adam Jones showed support for Brinson:Jones was in Brinson’s shoes before. In May 2017, the Boston Red Sox issued an apology after Jones claimed he was called "the N-word" at Fenway Park.Unruly fan behavior was a major issue in the NBA earlier in the year. One fan poured popcorn on Russell Westbrook of the Washington Wizards, while Kyrie Irving of Brooklyn Nets was thrown a water bottle by another.Cole Buckley was charged with assault and battery using a dangerous weapon in the latter case.According to the Rockies statement, Coors Field officials and the team have not yet identified the person who used the slur. Sunday's game saw 34,677 people.The Rockies mentioned a possible ban for the fan, but Brandon Griggs of CNN wrote in 2017 about how difficult it can be to enforce stadium bans.