Citi Double Cash: More Valuable Than Ever Before

OMAAT offers a referral bonus to anyone who has been approved by OMAAT through the links below. OMAAT is an advertising partner with Citi. These are the most relevant public offers (terms apply), that we found for each product and service. These opinions are solely the author's and not the views of any bank, credit card issuer or airline. They have not been approved or endorsed by any entity. For more information about our partners, please see our advertiser policy. Thank you for your support! Some people were forced to reevaluate their credit card usage after the pandemic. Many people wondered if they should use a cashback card instead, even though they value travel rewards. Although I did not change my credit card strategy, it was something I understood. This is why the Citi Double Cash Card (review), I believe, is worth another look. There's no card that offers such a high return on your spending and so many rewards options. Why Citi Double Cash is so Valuable Citi Double Cash is the best no-annual fee credit card. This is the credit card that I use every day, with no bonus spending. It's one I highly recommend, regardless of whether you are looking for cash back or travel rewards. These are the top four reasons why Citi Double Cash should be in every wallet. There is no annual fee Ok, I admit it, I hinted at it above. Citi Double Cash doesn't have an annual fee so it can't get any better. Do I need to say more? Redeem cash at a lucrative rate If you're looking for cash back, the Citi Double Cash offers a great rewards system. The structure of the Citi Double Cash card is proof that cash is king. Citi Double Cash Offers: Purchases get 1% cashback You get 1% cash back on your purchase You will get 2 cents for every dollar you spend after you have paid your purchase. This is a better reward than most cash back credit cards and it is comparable to the highest cash back return on a credit card. There isn't a single card that I know of that gives more than 2% cashback without major strings attached. Citi Double Cash cashback can be used for everyday expenses Flexibility to convert cash back into travel rewards Citi Double Cash offers you the best of both the worlds. You can earn two cents per dollar and convert those points into travel rewards points. This is what makes it so amazing. You can also earn rewards on Citi Double Cash, even if you don't have the Citi Premier. You can then apply for the Citi Premier Card (review) and all cash back earned on Citi Double Cash can be converted to ThankYou points, if you so desire. You get two cents and two transferrable points for every dollar spent (and paid for), which can be converted to airline miles. You can use ThankYou points to enjoy some amazing travel experiences Balance transfers: 0% Intro APR for 18 Months While I would recommend that you avoid this, it is something I do not recommend. However, some people who are looking for credit cards may find this useful. Citi Double Cash offers a 0% introductory rate for 18 months starting from the date of your first transfer, provided that transfers are completed within 4 months of account opening. Your creditworthiness will determine your APR, which ranges from 13.99% to 23.99%. Remember that balance transfers are subject to a $5 fee or 3% depending on the amount transferred. Because the interest rates can be very high, you will want to make sure that the balance is paid off by the due date. Although 18 months may seem like a long time, other cards only offer 12 months. However, 18 months is very rare. How Citi Double Cash has helped me maximize my rewards So, I have the Citi Double Cash card in 2019. How do I use it? It is the card that I use to make all my personal purchases in the United States, if there aren't any other bonus categories. Take this example: Plastiq has helped me pay my rent. I've already paid my taxes using the card I have used the card to shop online most of the time These are just a few of the many uses for this card, but it is my main source for domestic purchases that do not occur at gas stations, restaurants, or supermarkets. Amazing combo: Citi Premier + Citi Double Cash For long-term travel rewards, it is worth mentioning the Citi Double Cash and Citi Premier Card. This combination is one of my favorite cards. Citi Premier gives you an amazing, unmatched welcome bonus of 80,000 ThankYou Points after you spend $4,000 within the first 3 months of your account opening. This will help to jumpstart your rewards earnings. Both of these cards are available to you if you comply with Citi's credit card application rules Citi Premier gives you 3x points on gas, food, groceries, and hotel stays. There are no foreign transaction fees. All of this can be achieved by paying a $95 annual fee for the Citi Premier. The Citi Double Cash does not have an annual fee. This is my favorite way to maximize credit card rewards. You'll get 2-3x points for every purchase. Citi Premier Card: Earn 3x points for dining Bottom line Citi Double Cash has been my favorite card for everyday purchases for several years. The card allows me to earn ThankYou Points. This card is unique in its flexibility. You can earn the equivalent of 2 cents or 2 transferable points per dollar spent (after you have paid the bill). This card is unique in that it allows you to earn cash back and travel rewards. You can also combine the Citi Double Cash and the Citi Premier Card to get one of the most attractive card combinations with a low annual fee. Anyone else using Citi Double Cash for their everyday spending?