Durbin cites Trump's direct, personal involvement with DOJ

The former president is more subtle than this president when he wants something. When he wants something, he isn't subtle. It's good for America to have someone like Rosen in this position. He stood up to the pressure.Durbin stated that Rosen came to testify voluntarily and was very forthcoming during his seven-hour testimony.Durbin stated that it is crucial to ask these questions because the Department of Justice was a frightening place from a constitutional standpoint. It is amazing to think that Bill Barr, who had announced that he did not see any irregularities in the election and then his replacement was subject to extraordinary pressure from [the president] of the United States, up until the point when they were discussing replacing him.Durbin answered Dana Bash's question about whether he was talking about a coup attempt.Durbin said that it is not as though the president was going to remove the attorney general and make pronouncements. It was actually a precursor to that process.Durbin refused to discuss the details of Saturday's testimony but stated that he hoped other former Trump administration officials would also testify, either voluntarily or under subpoena.To subpoena, it takes a bipartisan vote. Durbin stated that he doesn't believe we will be able accomplish this. Many people think that the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee could just send out subpoenas, and we're good to go. It is much more restricted.