Alaska Lounge SFO Opening August 31, 2021

Alaska Airlines announced in early 2019 that it would open a new lounge at San Francisco International Airport. We now have an official opening date for this lounge. Alaska Airlines SFO lounge details The Alaska Lounge SFO will open in August 2021. Below are renderings provided by Alaska Airlines of the new lounge space. Alaska Lounge SFO rendering Alaska Lounge SFO rendering Alaska Lounge SFO rendering Here's how Sangita Woerner (Alaska Airlines SVP Marketing and Guest Experience) describes the new lounge. We are always searching for ways to make our guests' travel easier and more comfortable. For years, SFO has been the most requested location for Alaska Lounge. We know that so many people dream of traveling this year. Therefore, we want to open our new Alaska Lounge as soon as possible. This is why Terminal 2 has been renovated. We were not expecting this lounge. The Alaska Lounge SFO was originally supposed to open in 2020. However, it was delayed by the pandemic. It is interesting to note that the plans for this lounge have changed drastically from what was originally planned. The lounge was originally intended to be located on the second floor of SFO Terminal 2, in an area that had not been used previously. It offers the best view of any domestic lounge at SFO. American moved from Terminal 2 in 2020 to Terminal 1 and the former American Admirals Club space became vacant. The original American Admirals Club was to be used as retail space and not converted into the Alaska Lounge. The American Admirals Club will now be the Alaska Lounge. Below is an illustration of the Alaska Lounge SFO as it was originally supposed to look. Drawing of the Alaska Lounge SFO. The new design will allow for a larger lounge, but the views won't be as spectacular as the original lounge. The new lounge marks the return to SFO of an airline lounge. Although the Alaska Lounge SFO was closed several years ago (at most seven years ago), it was essentially a broom closet at that time. Bottom line The Alaska Lounge SFO will open on August 31, 2021. The lounge, which covers nearly 10,000 square feet, will replace the American Admirals Club space in Terminal 2. It is exciting to finally see this lounge open in just a few weeks, after a considerable (but not unexpectedly long) delay. Are you excited about the new Alaska Lounge SFO