Video shows split second moose charges at person standing too close

A Colorado moose running over a Colorado bystander serves as a reminder of how fast and dangerous these large animals can be in the wild.According to Colorado Parks & Wildlife (CPW), a person was walking in Clear Creek County about 20 miles west from downtown Denver when they came across a bull moose. As the bull moose speeds towards the recording person, the 36-second video changes from calm to chaotic in a flash."This video shows how close you can get to a bull moose, and how fast they can charge on your," CPW stated.It appears that the moose seems to be relaxed, eating behind a tree. However, the animal turns its head towards the person and charges at full speed. As the giant animal approaches, the person seems to fall back and the video ends."Thankfully, no injuries occurred," CPW stated. "This person managed get behind a tree, and the moose struck that."Bulls are male moose that grow antlers to fight for the females. The antlers are also used to protect against predators.Although moose are not aggressive by nature, they can be aggressive if they sense a threat. According to the National Park Service advisory in 2015, herbivores are not fond of being approached by humans. It's best to leave them at least 25 feet space, especially if there are young calves nearby.