Fauci urges more testing to track breakthrough Covid cases

People are worried that the Delta coronavirus variant is on the rise and they may be at risk even if they have been fully vaccinated. If the Food and Drug Administration approves the first Covid-19 vaccine, which is likely to be Pfizer's, some people may reconsider their reluctance to get vaccinated. Fauci hopes this will happen in October.Fauci stated that vaccines are effective in fighting the virus, particularly Delta. They also protect you from severe diseases. But if the virus continues to evolve, it can make us vulnerable to an even worse variant, which could impact not only those who aren't vaccinated but also the ones who are vaccinated.He said, "So," adding that people who are not vaccinated should consider their health and the health of their families. But, he also stressed that there is a community responsibility to eradicate this virus from spreading.Fauci stated that although breakthroughs will not occur among people who have been vaccinated, they are very protected from serious disease. Unfortunately, if someone is infected with Covid-19, they can pass it on to unvaccinated as well as vaccinated persons.Fauci stated that he was concerned about another spike in cases from the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota, which is expected to attract 700,000. The rally resulted in the spread of the virus last year.Fauci stated that it is understandable that people want the freedom to do what they like. People want to be free to do what they want, but when you have to deal with a public health crisis that could affect you and your family, it becomes impossible to do what you want.Fauci stated, "Let's control this pandemic before we pretend that nothing is happening."He added that "Something bad is happening." "We have to recognize that.