Chicago officer killed and another injured after gunfire erupts during traffic stop

After gunfire broke out during Saturday's traffic stop, a Chicago police officer was killed while another was hurt.The Chicago Police Department announced that three people were inside a car when police officers approached it at 9:08 p.m. (local time). During the incident, a male and female police officer were both shot.The unidentified female police officer was declared dead at a local hospital. Meanwhile, the man is listed in critical condition. After being shot by police, two suspects were arrested. One of them is stable. Police officers searched for a third suspect in the crime and located a gun at the scene.CHICAGO POLICY OFFICER CHARGED FOR 2020 SUBWAY SHOOTINGAuthorities stated during a press conference that all three were taken into custody, but no charges have been filed against them."CPD will #NeverForgetRIP!" The tweet was signed by the department and included photographs of officers standing next to an unfurled U.S. Flag.Lori Lightfoot (Democrat) urged the public mourn the loss of the officer. She said that the community must "come together" to tackle rampant crime, violence, and not show disdain for law enforcement officers.She told reporters that the police were not our enemies. We have to work together. ... We all have the same enemy: The guns and the gangs.CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION FROM THE WASHINGTON XAMINERAfter her mother asked for privacy, David Brown, Chicago Police Superintendent refused to reveal the identity of the deceased officer. Brown stated that prayers are necessary for the male officer who is still in hospital.Continue the storyAccording to the Associated Press, Saturday's shooting marks the first murder in Chicago police custody since 2018.Washington Examiner VideosTags: News, Chicago Police, Law Enforcement and CrimeOriginal Author: Jake DimaOriginal Location: Chicago Officer killed and another wounded in gunfire that erupted during a traffic stop