One of Cuomo's 11 accusers is set to speak out in a televised interview: 'What he did to me was a crime'

Brittany Commisso is an accuser against the New York Governor. Andrew Cuomo will speak in a televised interview.In a Sunday preview, Commisso said that Cuomo had "broke the laws."The interview was conducted with CBS News and Albany Times-Union. It will air on Monday.10 Things in Politics: Get the latest news in politics and economics Loading... Click Sign up to receive marketing emails and other offers from Insider.In an interview with CBS News, the Albany Times Union and CBS News, one of the 11 women who alleged New York Governor Andrew Cuomo sexual harassment will speak out. The interview will air on Monday."What he did was a crime to me." Brittany Commisso said that Cuomo broke the law. The 165-page investigative document released by New York Attorney General Letitia Jam last week uncovered sexual harassment allegations against Cuomo."The governor must be held accountable," Commisso stated in an excerpt from the interview that was broadcast on Sunday morning by Face the Nation.In the report of the attorney general, Commisso was previously referred to as "Executive assistant #1". After becoming the first accuser against Cuomo to file a criminal case against him, she identified herself publicly.Commisso told investigators previously that Cuomo had groped and inappropriately touched her backside while she was taking a photograph.Craig Apple, Albany County sheriff confirmed Saturday that Cuomo had filed a complaint and stated that his office was investigating the claims. He promised to conduct a thorough investigation.Apple said, referring specifically to Cuomo: "I'm going not to rush it because he's who he's and I'm going to delay it due to who he's."Insider reached out to Cuomo's representatives but they did not respond immediately.Cuomo has not relented in the face calls for his resignationCuomo was widely criticized for not resigning after the report of the attorney general was made public.Last week, President Joe Biden said that Cuomo should resign due to the findings. A chorus of high-profile lawmakers joined him, including Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker, and Chuck Schumer (Senate Majority Leader).According to Quinnipiac University's Friday poll, seven out of 10 New York State voters believe Cuomo should resign. More than half (55%) think he should face criminal charges.Cuomo refuses to resign and made a video statement last week denying that he had acted inappropriately.According to Cuomo's August 3 comments, Cuomo stated that he had never inappropriately touched or made sexual advances to anyone. "I have lived my whole adult life in public view. This is not me.