French marathon runner slaps water away from competitors, unsurprisingly finishes without a medal

What happened to discrete gamesmanship?These days, people cheat openly. It has now made it to the Olympics.AdvertisementMorhad Amdouni, a French marathon runner, was just past the 28km mark when the athlete approached a water station. It's obvious that if you were right behind Amdouni, it was likely that you would have difficulty grabbing water.You can't do anything to gain a competitive advantage if you don't want to. Although I don't know if Amdouni meant to make things worse for his competitors, it sure looks bad when you give a high five to every row of water bottles while grabbing the last one.The Olympics organizers had staff available and plenty of water bottles on hand to refill the tables. It is not the Olympic spirit to pour water on a runner in a marathon that has already seen 30 men drop out due to exhaustion or hydration problems.G/O Media may be eligible for a commission. Big Spoon CBD Oil Sleep Oil - Vanilla Cream. Get the best sleep of your livesGet a boost of 5-HTP, Chamomile and GABA, L-Theanine and Lemon Balm with the promo code CBDDAYAmdounis only salvation is that he had the foresight to reach out and grab the water, instead of reaching over to his side as the other runners did. However, open-palming the entire water table is not a good idea. It certainly looks deliberate.What happened to sneaking up on someone to gain an advantage? People grabbing you on the basketball court to prevent you from moving off the screen. Or a defensive tackle pushing your football back a few inches. Although these are not harmful, depriving your counterparts of water is an unacceptable step.AdvertisementAmdouni placed 17th. It's not surprising, as karma works in this way. Eliud Kipchoge, a Kenyan runner, won his marathon gold medal with a time 2:08:38. This was 80 seconds faster than silver medalist Abdi Nageeye of the Netherlands.