NIH director: Vaccines should never be political

Collins did not endorse mandatory vaccination, but he made it clear that he believed public officials should push for Americans who aren't vaccinated to get them.Stephanopoulos was told by he that "we ought to use all public health tools we can when people die." "Death rates have increased again. Just looked at the numbers on how many cases we are currently seeing. This is a steep upswift. It is important to think about every intervention.Collins, who was wearing a mask, said that Americans should think about saving lives, especially with schools reopening."I would like to ask them to think about masks the way they should be. This isn't a political statement. This is a lifesaving medical device. He said that while it is not easy to ask children to wear masks, they are quite resilient.Collins also addressed vaccine skeptics directly: "If your on the fence, get off it." ... You can roll up your sleeves."